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Thoda Dhyaan ,Jayda Gyaan

Concentration without distraction leads to better attraction with the things of determination...
wow... seems like some great philosopher Gyaan...
Well with great courage .I would like to explain the above short!!
It says if u like what u do then u will love the End result and if not then u have to follow the another great lines by Baba Fakir Chand jindagi jhand hai ,fir kyu itna ghamand hai "
A come back should always be Grand so no need to b afraid...
The main gyaan about today is the little bittle of Dhyaan ...
Things done with greater intrest leads to the road of succes (not to gt road.., but to your dream place)
what you need to do is divide the work into smaller parts and achieve it!
and then PARTY!!!!!!!!!
Guys no need to Celebrate now the gyaan is still going on..
As i said in my earlier post "the best way to live life is living it your own way and doing what you feel like doing....."
So concentrate on things without getting distraction from th…

A Thoughtful Thought

Even a Honeybee Has to Do Work ,To live her life...
So why not we(Human Beings)...waking up with a positive note
or thinking, may change the whole day into a beautiful day...
As a Setting Sun turn down with an assurance of rising again 
with new brightness and light...
The concept goes like this,
  The one who fails is the one who 
knows the value of winning.....
So What if you haven't failed Yet .. There is no need of getting
disappointed..its okay..!
People in today's world says Degrees hold a much importance
to get success but this thought according to me is the best
answer to degree seekers..
"I hardly felt the need of my certificates and mark-sheets to live 
a good life but,at every step what i needed was the 
knowledge and education".
Well as the gyaan goes deep ...i  would like to make you
people realize that success only comes with knowledge..
so learn something, everyday , every moment!!
A New Beginning Should Be With a Promise to Learn Something
Aaj kuch…

Rise Up !!

My Dream Is to "fly "
over the rainbow ,so high!!!
Morning does have some magic in it...
As people say early to bed early to rise,
Well this fact is proved to me, Today I woke up at amrit vela(i.e @ 4 A.M)
You have to believe , my words guys!!
I had my Hirdaaya Parivartan , After waking up eaarly....
I am Back after a short break with ,
                              "High Bounce Theory"
Well days passes really fast when your exams are about to approch and
minds starts to work amazingly at every thing apart from studies!!!
Some people say doing that(a particular work) ,is not a cup of your
coffee..but I want to say even if isn't ..I atleast dreamed about it and tried!!
What matters is not what you Achieve but , what u Tried
Aiming high shows the curiosity in you to be there!!!..
Dream high so that you can reach there... there is nothing called
impossible "if u think u can u Will ,if u think you can't ,you won't".
So aim high and start today as i…

Avoiding Attracts

Is darkness ,the absense of light ??
Well i dont think so...Darkness is the presense of sound sleep..
which i enjoy alot!!! lol
sometime something happens without any reason but it still
have some reasons at the end...
(it was something like a tounge twistter!! i hope)
So lets start with the gyaan number sixxx..
it often happens with us that we meet some people in life
which are like people who don't have any connections with
Common for these people we say "common sense is not so common... "
they are a kind off irritating , So we generally try to avoid them...
but, as we start avoiding them ..we start to think even more about them ...
Even their small action irritates us...
its because we are more concern about their actions..
not only in this case...normally when we start avoiding ,we
start attracting,
like when I start :-
# avoiding my ex
# avoiding some topics
# avoiding some colours...
# my fears
#  my responsibilities
it comes to me more frequently
what hapeens…

My Life Your Way!!

wow!!! Weekends Are the best... You don't have to wake up early..You don't have to plan the  daily Routine...  So its wonderful..and month ends remind me of,  the very applicable Thought  "At the end of Money I do have some Weeks Left!!" Well jokes apart.. As examz r approching it reminds me of Results.. I know its painful to see this word on screen,It Even scares me! Because I have relatives and people around me.. commonly known as Society..Well these are the species which  thinks about you more then anyone ,and specially when U  have done something wrong... People don't bother about their own life,they live it for others ..

They take action after considering some very imp points. Those are:- * What will people  say, around me! * Is this good to do this? * Will they not make points if i do this.. * I will b compared to some --- and then they proceed.. We don't do what we want to...We do what others want us to do.. Its like "living my life your way" Stop…

You Are Beautiful

I dont think anybody woke me with a greeting...
Every time someone wakes me up..they say wake up man ."kitna sota hai"!!
and i use to say just 5 more mins..and just when u open your
eyes after a blink even before your innocent mind  get's time to
think what happened and a hour is passed..
well thats how my day starts...
..a leason which i learned today...and that is:-
 "You  Are  Beautiful"
..Believe me this statement has much more weight then it seems to...
What happened is that I had a fight with one of ma close friend
some time before..but as she meant alot to me i tried contacting
her everyday..One day she received my call and talked very
rudely to me..and spoiled all my mood
..Then I started thinking ..
Am I that Bad..??,
Am I not worth talking..??
Am i not a good human being..??
Then I intracted with my another friend and discussed the whole
matter with him..
He explained me, Everyone comes in your life
with a reason and goes for a better reason..
But thi…
 Make It Or Break It !!!
Someone truly said(i experienced) , "Things happen as you want them to happen"
Well today, My A.M Started At P.M... :)
I know , I was late..but its okhay..sometime(4-5 days in a week :P) rest is also required ..
Today I went in my past and was thinking about it..that made me it Always does..
Everybody have some memories regarding their past..and so do i have , my past..
but it's painful describing it let us not talk about it..and learn how to overcome it..
Don't u want to?...i bet everyone does!!
As the day passed I calmed down and thought , why I  always feel broken due to my past..??
The Past !!
what is it ?
Does it happen's with all of us ?
I guess Yes ..Isn't it ??
then a example came into ma mind ..(life cycle : human life cycle)...
it starts with child entring the his childhood he is send to a school...then the teen age is arrived where he is attracted towards different things which exicites him..and he c…

Another Day!!

Time And Tide waits for none!!!!
As the proverb say another day is about to over....
Today I had a mix emotions the whole day...
Woke up with some lazzy lamhe...~~~
Then had some refreshment's with punjabi songs..(Great Beats for Refreshment)
Everything was going well..but then the time came for studies and suddenly i found all ma energy discharged was like sudden change in mood .
But we have to do the karma...!!
Something i learned today is "listening to positive things can make you happy and is helpful in removing stress ":))
So Keep Smiling :) as it is said "A Day Without Smile Is A Day Wasted!!
Its been so long ...ya its really really long time ..
As ma first post was around a year back..
But i am still there where i was a year i don't think that made any difference in my life...
Sitll Preparing for my ca IPCC exam's...
The only change is that during this gap is that i learned alot of things
Things like "There is no one for your sorrows ,  everybody is busy in their own " never show your emotions to someone or you can say anyone..
The second thing .."do what you want to"!!!
let the world say what it want long as it is not bad according to you just do it..
wow!!! i speak alot...
anyways i'll try to b regular on ma posts from now..
working on a blog named PAST..will post soon
till den you only get one life to live :)