Monday, October 17, 2011

A Thoughtful Thought

Even a Honeybee Has to Do Work ,To live her life...
So why not we(Human Beings)...waking up with a positive note
or thinking, may change the whole day into a beautiful day...
As a Setting Sun turn down with an assurance of rising again 
with new brightness and light...
The concept goes like this,
  The one who fails is the one who 
knows the value of winning.....
So What if you haven't failed Yet .. There is no need of getting
disappointed..its okay..!
People in today's world says Degrees hold a much importance
to get success but this thought according to me is the best
answer to degree seekers..
"I hardly felt the need of my certificates and mark-sheets to live 
a good life but,at every step what i needed was the 
knowledge and education".
Well as the gyaan goes deep ...i  would like to make you
people realize that success only comes with knowledge..
so learn something, everyday , every moment!!
A New Beginning Should Be With a Promise to Learn Something
Aaj kuch Jayda Heavy Dose ho Gaya...Well you can even try this
for making new gf or bf... it works There innovation is the 
hunger of developer!!

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