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The Era of Smart TV & Phones and dumb People .

It was not the first tie when I was ditched by the network  while I was looking for way to reach the office and the wise old man around me helped with the route to get me there without even giving a little stress over it. The same thing happened to me when I was travelling and wanted to know the list of stations where the train is going to stop but again this sweet innocent love of my life was out of network so I the ray of hope was old couple sitting next to me .These small incidences force me to think about how Technology has overtaken the power of our brain. I still remember when i was a high school kid and Mobile Phone was the newly invented craze and at that time I use to remember all the contact numbers of my near and dear once so that I can call them and gradually when this device was developed further with better storage and all the contacts was saved in the phone now i hardly remember any contact numbers. The exercise or the work which we use to do with our brain has taken th…