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The Desk . . .

We all have dreams and when those get fulfilled we actually feel our self on cloud nine,
Same was the case with vishal, when the results of his professional exam was declared and
he actually made it.
It was like he wanted to say a lot but was speechless.
Vishal is the guy who always wanted to go for Corporate Secctor and was least interested in
in being Professional , however life is not what we want it to be , anyways ...
Filled with the joy, he finally took his life at ease.
All was good , the celebration got over and now it was time to get into real world.
As per the schedule he started giving interviews & GDs.
Every door he knocked was having a clause of Reference and this is where Vishal lacked.
Soon it started depressing him as none of the Corporate was actually interested in his Efforts(the result).
Finally he got a job, A kind of back office work which his profession is made for.
Things started getting better ,
Today he is the Accounts head at his office and handles 95% …