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"Are you kidding , its not my cup of tea " I Can't do it !

Got a call last week from my friend Arun's office..was informed that I have to show up at their office on monday morning SHARP at 10 in the morning. Monday morning : The time is 10:15 am (15 mins late is kind of being on time i guess ! ) A sweet and beautiful receptionist came to me and said "Sir you are late! the meeting has commenced and now you have to wait till you are called inside"  I: ok! :-) I was waiting for Arun (my friend, who works at some good designation here) to Come. I was able to see the whole office from the Waiting room. People were busy with their pc's, Files & documents ,deadlines ,phone calls ,everything at a TIME.. pheww... So much to do !  The only thought passing through my mind was how do they do it, I mean so much at a time and there is no place for errors and mistakes.. a small mistake and things get screwed up "Are you kidding , its not my cup of tea " I Can't do it ! Excuse me Sir!, Arun sir has called you! As that sweet v…