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A New Beginning !

2013 , Well A new year  has arrived With lots of hope and Dreams !
Best wishes to all the people out there!
What actually a new year is like !,
Does any thing changes ?
Does the sun seems bigger ?
Is the earth started revolving around the moon this time ?
There is actually nothing new apart from the year numbering !
but if you take it positively then this process brings new beginning ,
new hopes and new dreams , telling us to forget the past, live the present ,
And just for some moment stop worrying about the future !
"Kal jo gaya woh laut ke nahi aayega,
 kal jo aayega woh hame kaun batayega,
 jindagi toh iss pal meh hai mere dost ,
 jile  isse, yeh pal dubara lautkar nahi aayega "
Tried to convey the message in a poetic way !
Well lesson learned in the first few days of 2013 is
that " Wake ur everyday promising yourself to be more Awesome ! "
and see how things changes !
kyunki if you keep on doing the same old things then 
it will be like pushing accelerator in a ca…