Friday, October 14, 2011

Rise Up !!

My Dream Is to "fly "
over the rainbow ,so high!!!
Morning does have some magic in it...
As people say early to bed early to rise,
Well this fact is proved to me, Today I woke up at amrit vela(i.e @ 4 A.M)
You have to believe , my words guys!!
I had my Hirdaaya Parivartan , After waking up eaarly....
I am Back after a short break with ,
                              "High Bounce Theory"
Well days passes really fast when your exams are about to approch and
minds starts to work amazingly at every thing apart from studies!!!
Some people say doing that(a particular work) ,is not a cup of your
coffee..but I want to say even if isn't ..I atleast dreamed about it and tried!!
What matters is not what you Achieve but , what u Tried
Aiming high shows the curiosity in you to be there!!!..
Dream high so that you can reach there... there is nothing called
impossible "if u think u can u Will ,if u think you can't ,you won't".
So aim high and start today as it is said well began is half done!!
I tried to Fly
No Lie 
So High
Direction : Sky!!

I tried to Fly
No Lie 
So High
Up To The Sky !!

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