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Thoda Dhyaan ,Jayda Gyaan

Concentration without distraction leads to better attraction with the things of determination...
wow... seems like some great philosopher Gyaan...
Well with great courage .I would like to explain the above short!!
It says if u like what u do then u will love the End result and if not then u have to follow the another great lines by Baba Fakir Chand jindagi jhand hai ,fir kyu itna ghamand hai "
A come back should always be Grand so no need to b afraid...
The main gyaan about today is the little bittle of Dhyaan ...
Things done with greater intrest leads to the road of succes (not to gt road.., but to your dream place)
what you need to do is divide the work into smaller parts and achieve it!
and then PARTY!!!!!!!!!
Guys no need to Celebrate now the gyaan is still going on..
As i said in my earlier post "the best way to live life is living it your own way and doing what you feel like doing....."
So concentrate on things without getting distraction from the moh maya of Duniya and see yourself getting attracted towards the thing you want to do with 10x determination...
well itna bhi dyaan deke mat padho yaar... thoda sa dhayan do sab samajh aa jayega...
and the key while performing task is your Smile...always wear it on ur face!!
It keeps u cool and attracts the opposite sex :p
people might be feeling it intrest now but , its time to put a full stop with a promise to hold the pen(keyboard) again!


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    so doo comment..
    "your comments matters for me, to write more"


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