Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Avoiding Attracts

Is darkness ,the absense of light ??
Well i dont think so...Darkness is the presense of sound sleep..
which i enjoy alot!!! lol
sometime something happens without any reason but it still
have some reasons at the end...
(it was something like a tounge twistter!! i hope)
So lets start with the gyaan number sixxx..
it often happens with us that we meet some people in life
which are like people who don't have any connections with
Common sense..as for these people we say "common sense is not so common... "
they are a kind off irritating , So we generally try to avoid them...
but, as we start avoiding them ..we start to think even more about them ...
Even their small action irritates us...
its because we are more concern about their actions..
not only in this case...normally when we start avoiding ,we
start attracting,
like when I start :-
# avoiding my ex
# avoiding some topics
# avoiding some colours...
# my fears
#  my responsibilities
it comes to me more frequently
what hapeens is , when we start avoiding..we start to think
more about it...someone very trully said
"One Often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it"
so the leason of pathsala for today is ...stop avoiding, let it be the way it is.and slowly u will get adjusted to it..
(think about what you want,and what u don't )

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