Saturday, October 8, 2011

You Are Beautiful

I dont think anybody woke me with a greeting...
Every time someone wakes me up..they say wake up man ."kitna sota hai"!!
and i use to say just 5 more mins..and just when u open your
eyes after a blink even before your innocent mind  get's time to
think what happened and a hour is passed..
well thats how my day starts...
..a leason which i learned today...and that is:-
                                                 "You  Are  Beautiful"
..Believe me this statement has much more weight then it seems to...
What happened is that I had a fight with one of ma close friend
some time before..but as she meant alot to me i tried contacting
her everyday..One day she received my call and talked very
rudely to me..and spoiled all my mood
..Then I started thinking ..
Am I that Bad..??,
Am I not worth talking..??
Am i not a good human being..??
Then I intracted with my another friend and discussed the whole
matter with him..
He explained me, Everyone comes in your life
with a reason and goes for a better reason..
But this should not disappoint you..
You r Good..u have alot more friends and that's
because you r beautiful..
So Believe yourself  , Beauty lies in your inner-self ....
As long as you are good to yourself ,nothing is wrong..value yourself and the world will value You...
This made me happier and I felt proud of myself...
and discovered that how proud I m being myself..!!

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