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Its been a Month and I am still Not sure that "Whether I got the answer to this so called word DESIRE" ?
But in the process of finding a single act of Humans without a Desire all I got was quite healthy amount of things which human do for desire, Here is what I got :-
Ishani a good friend of mine, Quite a philosopher type and a believer of gods Existence visits to a nearby temple on weekly basis.
Every time she passes from the corner of the Temple,
she finds a beggar who has lost his legs, how he lost it is even a mystery to her so do with me.
So as per her schedule of visiting temple last week I joined her.While returning she put a coin in the "bank of chiller box "of that beggar and recited her gods name and we proceeded for home, in the midway I asked
her why she recited her gods name while giving that money to him,
She replied in a philosophical way as she always does , what she explained was :-
" See Ashish we do a lot of things knowingly or unknowingly …

Emotional Attyachar : Ek Jhatke ka Pyaar !

Tere jane ke baad zindagi toh hai ,
magar jindagi se koi aas nahi . tujhe bhulne ki chahat toh hai , magar ab chahat ki  woh pyaas nahi !

I don't know whether those words make sense or not, but the theme which goes behind those words are what most of the people are fighting to overcome!!               Emotions !!! Well sometime its good to be emotional, but carrying the emotions which  leads to nowhere will only make your journey harder!
"Manjil ko pana koi badi baat nahi, bas bandhan ka moh aur  pyaar ki maya ko tyaagna hoga,"
The only Gap between a Successful Person and an average person is the  Emotion which should have been buried in the past but is still travelling with him. I find a lot of people who are the victim of so Called "Emotional Attyachar " I don't say its easy to MOVE ON with your past, but sometime somethings are better left behind. One of my friend says she can't overcome her past ! I Just Asked her " Did you stop Breathing after …