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The Journey . . .

Festivals a good way to take break from the monotonous work !, Something which people still  like about the festivals are the holidays they get (the single motivation behind celebrating it) . Same was with me , I took some break and went to see my loved once ! But as said nothing lasts forever so does my holidays also had an ending ! Irrespective of movies , we generally don't have a happy ending bcoz we dont want to get back to the desk ! "We earn to live " .
As usual I was returning ,parents were sad , heat was on . I boarded the train .
The best part of travelling in India is you get to interact with so many different creatures of similar looks ! 
So I started the journey , it was unexpected to see the compartment with only one man sitting next to the window seat . It started with "aap kaha tak ja rhe hai " after I get settled . So as the conversation was started I came to know that the man is a central govt employee, working for railways as "line inspecto…