Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Life Your Way!!

wow!!! Weekends Are the best...
You don't have to wake up early..You don't have to plan the 
daily Routine...  So its wonderful..and month ends remind me of, 
the very applicable Thought 
"At the end of Money I do have some Weeks Left!!" 
Well jokes apart..
As examz r approching it reminds me of Results..
I know its painful to see this word on screen,It Even scares me!
Because I have relatives and people around me..
commonly known as Society..Well these are the species which 
thinks about you more then anyone ,and specially when U 
have done something wrong...
People don't bother about their own life,they live it for others ..

They take action after considering some very imp points.
Those are:-
* What will people  say, around me!
* Is this good to do this?
* Will they not make points if i do this..
* I will b compared to some ---
and then they proceed..
We don't do what we want to...We do what others want us to do..
Its like "living my life your way"
Stop bothering what others will say about you...Its your life 
and you have only one chance ..Live it as u want it ...
Try to live a day without thinkin what others will say about you..
and feel your freedom...!!
then decide whether you will live it your way or their way.

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