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आज भी है

आँखों में कुछ नमी आज भी है ,
तेरे ना होने की कमी आज भी है।
यु करके मोहब्बत भूल जाते है लोग ,
इस दिल में बेबसी आज भी है।
यु तोह तुझे पाने की चाहत आज भी है,
तेरी जुल्फोन में खो जाने की आरज़ू आज भी है।
पर अब न लौट के आएंगे ये वादा है ,
ज़िन्दगी का मोल अभी तेरी मोहब्बत से जायदा है।
रहते है कुछ लोग जिनके लिए जीने का इरादा है ,
क्यूंकि ज़िन्दगी का मोल अब 
तेरी मोहब्बत से जायदा है। 
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पर हम ना होंगे . . .!!

नग्में तो होंगे   मेरी  इस  महफ़िल  मे  पर  हम  ना  होंगे ,
किस्से  मेरी  मोहब्बत  के  सुनायेगा  कोई ओर पर  हम  ना  होंगे.
चाहत  की  थी हमने  भी  उन्हे खुदा  मान के ,
चाहतो  के  चर्चे  तो  होंगे  पर  हम  ना  होंगे.
होगी  फिर  वही  रात  और  वही  होगी  चाँदनी ,
बस  उस  चाँदनी  के  दीदार  को  हम ना होंगे.
होता  अगर  बस  मे  मेरे  तो  मोहब्बत  उन्से  भी  करवा  लेते  ,
पर  इस  एहसास  को  जीने  के  लिए  अब  हम ना होंगे.
सोचा  था  अपना  भी  छोटा  सा  एक आशियाँ  होगा ,
लम्हे  होंगे  , बातें  होंगी ,
लम्हे  तो होंगे  तेरी  जिंदगी  मे  येह  सारे ,
बस  उन  लम्हो  मे  एक  हम  ना होंगे.

The word of mouth

Fir hogi barsaat par tum na hogi.

Kya hogi woh raat jab tum na hogi . . Fir hogi barsaat par tum na hogi. . Hogi yadoon se mulakaat , sath tum na hogi , Fir hogi barsaat par tum na hogi. Kyu hoti hai mulakaat bichad jane ke liye , Kal fir hogi subha , par woh suruwaat na hogi. Fir hoga apne mohhabat ka jikr , par uss jikr meh woh baat na hogi. Laut aayengi yaadon ki baraat ,  Par uss baraat meh tum na hogi. Hoti hai mohhabaat sath nibhane ko ,  Mohhabat toh fir hogi mere pass par tum na hogi .  Beet jate hai sukh ke lamhe hawaao ki tarah ,  Fir hogi poonam ki raat par tum na hogi.

The imaginary struggling.

Every single event happening in front of us is a opportunity to learn something from it , but how often we pay attention to it . I assume none!  Or very rarely few out of millions and billions .
Why is this negligence , why people don't want to learn from others mistake and  don't feel blessed to have what they have and to laugh at the moment .
They attempt to create a wall of sadness or wishes of what they want instead of making a scenery of what they have . I know its quite real and happens with every single individual but the question is why not apply some effort to change the way we see the world .
Lets start with a small incidence happened with mohan , one of my friend who was more into i want to live like others and why cant i get what he has .
Now mohan was traveling to Delhi from kolkata . His train was about to arrive at kolkata station for boarding. The environment of railway station has a lot to teach if we care too. There was a lot of rush and people were running f…

The Era of Smart TV & Phones and dumb People .

It was not the first tie when I was ditched by the network  while I was looking for way to reach the office and the wise old man around me helped with the route to get me there without even giving a little stress over it. The same thing happened to me when I was travelling and wanted to know the list of stations where the train is going to stop but again this sweet innocent love of my life was out of network so I the ray of hope was old couple sitting next to me .These small incidences force me to think about how Technology has overtaken the power of our brain. I still remember when i was a high school kid and Mobile Phone was the newly invented craze and at that time I use to remember all the contact numbers of my near and dear once so that I can call them and gradually when this device was developed further with better storage and all the contacts was saved in the phone now i hardly remember any contact numbers. The exercise or the work which we use to do with our brain has taken th…


Kyu milte hai log bichdne ke liye, Kyu hoti hai aashiqui dil tutne ke liye . Yu toh jindagi gujar dete tere sath, Fir kyu hoti hai adhuri kahaniya tanha rehne ke liye.
Naina :-No randeep this is not the first time we are having this conversation! I think we both are wasting our time. We should stop looking each other. maybe we are not destined to be together or maybe you don't want us to be together. This girl will never lie. She told me that you proposed her .Why the hell i was wasting time on you. Randeep :- At least give me a chance to say something?
Naina :- No! this is it and i don't want you in my life , that's final .I am leaving for Delhi tonight and this is the last conversation we had for the rest of the life.BYE.

How often we came into Situations like this? Well I have seen many cases where the only thing that is lacking in the relationship is lack of proper Communication. Many a time it happens that " we should have talked about the things with each other rather …