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Kyu milte hai log bichdne ke liye, Kyu hoti hai aashiqui dil tutne ke liye . Yu toh jindagi gujar dete tere sath, Fir kyu hoti hai adhuri kahaniya tanha rehne ke liye.
Naina :-No randeep this is not the first time we are having this conversation! I think we both are wasting our time. We should stop looking each other. maybe we are not destined to be together or maybe you don't want us to be together. This girl will never lie. She told me that you proposed her .Why the hell i was wasting time on you. Randeep :- At least give me a chance to say something?
Naina :- No! this is it and i don't want you in my life , that's final .I am leaving for Delhi tonight and this is the last conversation we had for the rest of the life.BYE.

How often we came into Situations like this? Well I have seen many cases where the only thing that is lacking in the relationship is lack of proper Communication. Many a time it happens that " we should have talked about the things with each other rather …

Life that was ! ! !

"Good afternoon, This person who left us with the bag full of memories is my friend Ashish Chhabra . " This is how i want my friends to say  the eulogy to be read at my funeral.  I know its crazy to talk about something like this , but everybody have a dream about how they want to be remembered after they are gone . They work for their whole life to make an impression on the world who will remember them after their departure and this is the reason i want people to say my eulogy in this mentioned way. I want to leave an impression in such a way that even if my friends say a single sentence on the final day , the tear drops should be followed  by the sentence "he was such an idiot" . I want  my seniors to say "yes he was such a pain in the Ass ", he was always upto something and use to challenge every rule " many of my seniors would agree with this point i hope. (Saurav, ankit , minakshi di, pankaj bhaiya) . I want my dearest people to cherish the moment…

The remaining 95%.

"He is lucky" exclaimed anirudh, having a healthy conversation just after the results were declared. Anirudh stated that arnab always get better marks then him because of his luck. I and arnab study the same thing , take the same tuitions and the solve the same test papers but every time he gets a huge lead .This is a routine cry of anirudh supporting his failure to take over arnab. Often we came across these type of situations . Sometimes we are the part of this conversations , sometimes we just listen, but the one thing you will observe during these chats is that if you are the part of the conversation then you might believe that "Anirudh is right" keeping yourself in his position but as soon as you are the other part of the story .ie "Arnab to the story" you feel Irritated because you worked really hard to compete and after winning all the credit is going to your luck! isn't it? This was just  a normal incidence I thought of sharing .I was just goin…

The lost Childhood !

One of the best part of our life is the Childhood. The Innocence and purity at heart makes us feel good. It often happens when you return from tiring day and you spend few moments with a kid you feel good. It is always heartwarming to see your kid running towards you as soon as you enter the house ,but today's generation is changing . I won't blame the parents for the change but yes things are indeed changing. Today you go anywhere you can see a toddler holding an I pad or Mobile . Most of the things they do are on the mobile and iPods'. Now many of you will argue that the technology is the need of the time. With fast changing technology one definitely need to upgrade their child so that he knows everything. True, but how will you justify the Innocence which is killed by the technology? How will you justify the time which was supposed to be the happy dinner time is your Childs favorite time to challenge their friend for online games.? Even if they are on the table their minds are…

An Unanswered call !

Often in life we get so indulged in activities that we forget about the Purpose of Life.
The fear of tomorrow has killed our today in many ways. I have often seen people making plans of doing things once they achieve some target and most of the time we fail to enjoy the tiny moments of life. We forget the Joy .Life s not an Unanswered call. Life is a call which we should take with joy and happiness inside us.
This is a Long gap since I wrote my last blog but it's never late to start afresh.
This topic has came into my mind from the incidence that happened to one of my dear friend and that lead me to write and share.
 It was 8:30 pm in the night and as usual I was having dinner when Suddenly I got a call from one of my friend  stating that her brother is not receiving the call past 2 Hours and the whole family was panicking.
Everyone at this end was forcing their mind to think as much negative as it could .While repetitive attempt was being made but with every unanswered call ,the level…