Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Its been so long ...ya its really really long time ..
As ma first post was around a year back..
But i am still there where i was a year i don't think that made any difference in my life...
Sitll Preparing for my ca IPCC exam's...
The only change is that during this gap is that i learned alot of things
Things like "There is no one for your sorrows ,  everybody is busy in their own " never show your emotions to someone or you can say anyone..
The second thing .."do what you want to"!!!
let the world say what it want long as it is not bad according to you just do it..
wow!!! i speak alot...
anyways i'll try to b regular on ma posts from now..
working on a blog named PAST..will post soon
till den you only get one life to live :)

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