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. . .and a happy new year ! :-)

Sharing is Caring, I am thankful to the below Anonymous Guest Blogger for sharing her experience with me and my friends!

Here it Goes . . .

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday of December. I put on my favorite white top, matched it with black lower and my perfect white stilettos. I counted my steps before leaving my home, it’s been just a month I started riding my scooty to places outside my locality. I was still an amateur and that too with 2.5 inches heels on, it would be like self-invite to trouble.
I was still hovering around looking at my heels when my friend called me to be quick and pick her up from her house. I dunno what was creating friction in my mind, my heels or riding scooty with heels. Still I left my house hip hopping in a party mood giving a kick that “Bad things don’t happen to Good people” Hypocrite I was.

I have only ridden around 2 km away from my house when the auto-rickshaw before me applied breaks all of the sudden in the middle of road and in the havoc even I applied …