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The lost Childhood !

One of the best part of our life is the Childhood. The Innocence and purity at heart makes us feel good.
It often happens when you return from tiring day and you spend few moments with a kid you feel good.
It is always heartwarming to see your kid running towards you as soon as you enter the house ,but today's generation is changing . I won't blame the parents for the change but yes things are indeed changing.
Today you go anywhere you can see a toddler holding an I pad or Mobile . Most of the things they do are on the mobile and iPods'. Now many of you will argue that the technology is the need of the time.
With fast changing technology one definitely need to upgrade their child so that he knows everything.
True, but how will you justify the Innocence which is killed by the technology?
How will you justify the time which was supposed to be the happy dinner time is your Childs favorite time to challenge their friend for online games.?
Even if they are on the table their minds are on the likes they got just before joining for the table.
Maybe its not only their falut.
Sometimes the parents lure them with providing such things at the cost of doing some work.
Sometimes we give them mobile just to make some time for ourselves .
Sometimes we switch on the tv set so that they get engaged to it and we can get some free time.

But have you ever wondered what will all these things do to them?

Well, here are some things which the previous generation were blessed to ave which they wont be able to have :-

1) We use to enjoy waking up early on a summer holiday to play cricket while they remain busy on net till midnight.

2) We use to run whole day  even if for household work while they will get obsess while sitting in front of the laptop.

3) we knew the value for money as we use to get  a candy after being good for the whole day while they will become stubborn as they will get what they want as an when asked for .

Now I can go on for such difference but the thing we need to understand is that all these points will affect your children's  future. Maybe he'll be the best technology geek but he won't understand the value of family. Gadgets can't be someone's best friend or family. I agree that technology is mandatory but for present generation we need extra care while providing the options.

Kaha gaye woh jindagi ke pal jab hum chote hua karte the,
Khilono ke chahat me hum din bhar roya karte the.
Aaj kal bin mange mil jate hai Ipad aur Mobile,
Hum toh ek chocolate ke liye bhi dadi maa ki sifarish laga ke soya karte the.

Zindagi meh riiston ki door sanjoya karte the,
jab jate the maidaano meh toh khub dora karte the.
Ab toh social network pe hi Riste nate hote hai,
pehle jaise dost ke ghar pe hum soya karte the.

Kya khoob tha yaaron ka yuh aakar subhe jagana,
pehle Mummy ko fir papa ko jagana.
aur ab toh raatonn ko bhi yeh Online hi soya karte hai,
Dosti ke mayne bhi facebook se sanjoya karte hai.


  1. True..thank God we didn't had fb & what app in our childhood...😊


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