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An Unanswered call !

Often in life we get so indulged in activities that we forget about the Purpose of Life.

The fear of tomorrow has killed our today in many ways. I have often seen people making plans of doing things once they achieve some target and most of the time we fail to enjoy the tiny moments of life.

 We forget the Joy .Life s not an Unanswered call. Life is a call which we should take with joy and happiness inside us.
This is a Long gap since I wrote my last blog but it's never late to start afresh.
This topic has came into my mind from the incidence that happened to one of my dear friend and that lead me to write and share.
 It was 8:30 pm in the night and as usual I was having dinner when Suddenly I got a call from one of my friend  stating that her brother is not receiving the call past 2 Hours and the whole family was panicking.
Everyone at this end was forcing their mind to think as much negative as it could .While repetitive attempt was being made but with every unanswered call ,the level of tension was increasing.
I suggested calling one of his colleague or roommate to confirm his last status. 
Finally after Half an hour of this search operation we got in touch with her bothers roommate who in turn confirmed that his brother slept earlier today and the phone was in silent mode .

Now  this incidence has lead me to think over few very important  things.

Starting with the parents who were miles away from their child were so worried over the unanswered call .

Why this happened?
Why we always think negative in such situations ?
Why they thought of all the wrong things that could have happened to him.
Maybe if they would have positive mindset and relaxed then it would have taken less time to know the fact. 
Moving on to the careless attitude of her brother, maybe not careless but if wouldn't have kept his phone on silent , this whole incidence would have been avoided.

The things I learned is that people who care for you are over sensitive and you should always keep this in mind. The present era is so much Habituated to the technology that a single Unanswered call can create such a Hoax .It reminds me of the early ages , what when we use to send letters to people sitting miles away and would wait for days to get the reply, maybe those days were much better , maybe that time was more comfortable .People in those time would be more relaxed and had much more calmed  approach towards life and maybe they were Enjoying their lives more than today's generation.

 "Yu Zindagi ki kashmakas meh Kho kar reh gaya hai Insaan .
Jinda rehkar bhi na jane kaha kho gaya hai Insaan.
Jariye bahut hai milne ke logo se aajkal,
fir bhi iss bheed meh tanha ho gaya hai Insaan."


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