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The Era of Smart TV & Phones and dumb People .

It was not the first tie when I was ditched by the network  while I was looking for way to reach the office and the wise old man around me helped with the route to get me there without even giving a little stress over it. The same thing happened to me when I was travelling and wanted to know the list of stations where the train is going to stop but again this sweet innocent love of my life was out of network so I the ray of hope was old couple sitting next to me .These small incidences force me to think about how Technology has overtaken the power of our brain. I still remember when i was a high school kid and Mobile Phone was the newly invented craze and at that time I use to remember all the contact numbers of my near and dear once so that I can call them and gradually when this device was developed further with better storage and all the contacts was saved in the phone now i hardly remember any contact numbers. The exercise or the work which we use to do with our brain has taken the setback by depending on the technology. I would also like to take the chance to mention the Era of Dumb People with smart TV.
Television sets are something which was made to provide visual and audio information and some entertainment so that we can feel refreshed but gradually we are being addictive to it .Now a days we can't effort to meet our dear ones at the cost of missing our favorites serial episode. We can spend the whole 24 hours of our weekends sitting in front of that Idiot Box which earlier people used to discover the surrounding or going to a get together with family and friends .Technology has made us their slaves and slowly we are becoming the victim of it. We may not realize but it is affecting us in every aspect of life .
The things what are changing are:-
Earlier we use to make more use of our brains and use to make it exercise by remembering small details but now even the birthday of cousin has to be reminded by the pop up of the facebook notification.
There was a time when there use to be a long conversation after dinner about how the day was , how every member of the family is doing but now even the dinner table witness silence and people busy with their so called smart phones or having the dinner private in their room with their eyes into the TV screen as Dumb viewer.

You might be thinking that I am against the Technology by this time after reading my views about it but that's not true, What I need to convey is that Technology is your slave to make your work easier rather than making your their slave and make you dumb. Everything or anything which is used only when required helps us to develop but getting over addicted to it detach us from the world at large , from the environment around us , from the gifted nature we have to enjoy and relax. Earlier people use to enjoy their holidays by just sitting beside their loved once in the silence of nature or exploring the area but now the concentration is more about the selfies and recording instead of seeing what  we have gone to see. It has become so irritated behavior of  human being that someday you'll realize after seeing the picture that you were so busy taking memories that you forget to create memory. the places you visit will be the unknown destination with some proof that you have been there.
Don't make it too late to realize that a group photo with people around you is better than a lonely selfie ,because gradually the environment around us is replacing the people around us with the technology and it will only make a Sick world instead of a better one. 


  1. Well said.... Nowadays people r so busy in their life or rather say with mobile phones that they r unable to spend a proper time with their family & friends....


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