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. . .and a happy new year ! :-)

Sharing is Caring, I am thankful to the below Anonymous Guest Blogger for sharing her experience with me and my friends!

Here it Goes . . .

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday of December. I put on my favorite white top, matched it with black lower and my perfect white stilettos. I counted my steps before leaving my home, it’s been just a month I started riding my scooty to places outside my locality. I was still an amateur and that too with 2.5 inches heels on, it would be like self-invite to trouble.

I was still hovering around looking at my heels when my friend called me to be quick and pick her up from her house. I dunno what was creating friction in my mind, my heels or riding scooty with heels. Still I left my house hip hopping in a party mood giving a kick that “Bad things don’t happen to Good people” Hypocrite I was.

I have only ridden around 2 km away from my house when the auto-rickshaw before me applied breaks all of the sudden in the middle of road and in the havoc even I applied the break. Somehow I stood with my scooty not hitting the auto but when I kept my feet on the road to see what was wrong with the auto driver, I had an ankle twist and fell with scooty over my same ankle. My friend somehow stood and dint even had a scratch.

And this is the following Saturday I am sitting in my house with a severe ligament tear and on a bed rest of 10 days and sulking about my disability while writing this piece.

Often in the hullaballoo of life and the fun we are looking forward to we miss the tiny things we should have taken care of. This Saturday would have different if I preferred shoes over heels, if I stayed at home with my parents than to go out partying with my friends.( See, I ignored everything that would have created difference. Silly I am.)
In all these days of staying in bed which is also the most difficult 5 days of my life, I played a nonstop game of thinking- Over thinking-and-Over to over thinking.
The deepest and most intriguing realization I have had that God has given me a perfect life till last Sunday. The best gift I have ever got is the ability I can do my things and sustain my life without being dependent on others.
 It’s a good feeling that I get to drink water even without feeling thirsty and without even moving an inch but it would have been the best feeling if I felt thirsty and could take a glass of water for myself with my own.
It’s a dream come true that in this chilly winter I am blankets in the warm blankets whole day but it would have awesome if I could go out and celebrate Christmas and New year with my friends.
We sulk over little troubles in life-for materialistic things we couldn’t get- for the dreams which couldn’t get real- but what’s the point? It would have been nothing if you couldn’t dance on your own feet when you were happy- when you couldn’t sing and express what you felt- when you couldn’t wipe your own tears with your hand while you were sad.
What would have happened that day if I was ran over by a 4 wheeler after I fell. Chill runs down my spine. It’s scary even to think something like that.
 We should be thankful enough to God that we have the ability and blessings with which we can make everything work for us. So the first thing I am going to do when I come out of this ‘staying in bed’ phase is to bow down my head  before the almighty and thank him for the perfect life I had and blessing me to continue with same perfect life again.
It is my favorite lesson I learnt in 2013. 2014 is going to be more of thanking and less of sulking.

Happy New Year :)


  1. Your blogs are so realistic that one cn so easily relate to them.. keep up d good work.


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