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The Journey . . .

Festivals a good way to take break from the monotonous work !, Something which people still  like about the festivals are the holidays they get (the single motivation behind celebrating it) . Same was with me , I took some break and went to see my loved once ! But as said nothing lasts forever so does my holidays also had an ending ! Irrespective of movies , we generally don't have a happy ending bcoz we dont want to get back to the desk ! "We earn to live " .
As usual I was returning ,parents were sad , heat was on . I boarded the train .
The best part of travelling in India is you get to interact with so many different creatures of similar looks ! 
So I started the journey , it was unexpected to see the compartment with only one man sitting next to the window seat . It started with "aap kaha tak ja rhe hai " after I get settled . So as the conversation was started I came to know that the man is a central govt employee, working for railways as "line inspector" . Well a middle class person , down to earth , very polite and confused with this fast changing environment . He had three kids , and he was a bit worried with how the  system goes in this modern days schools , her daughter was asked to bring the pictures of CM's of all the states with a synopsis of them . Now a middle class person making his children's  study in one of the best school in town so they have a better future has to pay 130 Rs from his pocket for the so called project and same for the 2 other children. Not only this , now that his children study in a high-tech school ,her elder daughter demanded for a tablet-pc. Now this fellow thinks that even if pc's provided to children without proper guidance will spoil them. Though I tried to argue the importance of technology for children but I was failed over his insecurities for his children . Finally his stoppage came and he had to leave . He left with greetings ! But left me with some thoughts of confusion . It left me with how difficult it is for the elders  to  cope up with the changes . What are their insecurities , how far is the demand of her daughter to get tablet-pc is right . Should he transfer his childern to a lower class school because with time it will be hard for him to satisfy their demands according to the society they are going to . And million more thoughts . With so much chemical reactions of thoughts going on in my Mind , here comes two more person to  my compartment , though I was about to leave in the next stoppage . The conversation started with " aapki  seat kaun si hai " . So this time it was an army man . Cheerful and fun loving with a disciplined image . Someone who was not sad to go for work just a regret that he has to leave his home on the day when the whole country is busy celebrating the Festival named "Diwali" , just because he got a call from the camp , but that doesn't demotivated him and he was not at all feeling bad because he thinks life is not to take things seriously and regret ,It is to value whatever you got and feel blessed for that.  Just go with the flow and let it go" . Suddenly I was relaxed and detached from the thoughts I had and was feeling good . Being positive certainly have a impact on life , at-least it help us not to concentrate on the things we cant change and let go with the flow ...

" jindagi ke safar meh yeh kaha chale aaye hum , 
Kuch Pane ki chah meh yeh kya chor aaye hum ,
Socha tha jiyenge jindadilli se ,
Par har lamhe marte aaye hum . . . "

"I reached" but I was not the same ...
Their are somethings  which comes only from Experience!
Live life and let go the past 


  1. sach hai kaha tumne, kuch soch ke hai ye sab likha tumne, dur hai ya pass manzil iska aaagaazz to nai hai mujhe, par khud ko kamjor mat samajna dost kyu ki hamara bhi haal kuch thumhare jaisa hi hai .................


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