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The Desk . . .

We all have dreams and when those get fulfilled we actually feel our self on cloud nine,
Same was the case with vishal, when the results of his professional exam was declared and
he actually made it.
It was like he wanted to say a lot but was speechless.
Vishal is the guy who always wanted to go for Corporate Secctor and was least interested in
in being Professional , however life is not what we want it to be , anyways ...
Filled with the joy, he finally took his life at ease.
All was good , the celebration got over and now it was time to get into real world.
As per the schedule he started giving interviews & GDs.
Every door he knocked was having a clause of Reference and this is where Vishal lacked.
Soon it started depressing him as none of the Corporate was actually interested in his Efforts(the result).
Finally he got a job, A kind of back office work which his profession is made for.
Things started getting better ,
Today he is the Accounts head at his office and handles 95% of the work himself .
The only thing which lacks is the Interest, This was not what he wanted .
Sitting back on his Desk he is thinking how life actually is .
"Zindagi ki raaho ko chunne ka haq toh hame hai ,
magar yeh jindagi kab kiss moor pe laake khada karde
Ispe kisi ka joor nahi hota.
Chahat toh aasmaan chune ki thi
magar kismat ka saath nahi chalta . "
Vishal was thinking how actually his life has been from past 8 years .
Coming office at 10 AM. busy with accounts and its legal complications ,
shutting the Desktop at 8 and back to pavilion.
This is how it has been , working for the one whose only friend is the paper with picture of the
father of the nation. How People come and go in different forms as a colleague, subordinate, as a client .
Hardly any of them knows where they are going , the only thing they are after ,Is "Currency"   !
Now at this point of time even if he want to change the DESK , He cant . because he has some responsibilities.
Life would have been better if he would have been in the corporate sector .

I don't have the statistics but many people think same as vishal .
Nowadays you just have to earn your living anyhow , may it be any source .
and to my surprise people do good at that , but at the end of the day the only point which lacks
is the inner satisfaction .

Observation :- "Not Everyone has the courage to follow their dreams, but in the later stage
following your dream is what will give you mental satisfaction. The So Called INNER PEACE !
"People might object , they might interfere,they may protest just bcoz they cant see you to do what they don't have courage to do , but if you are sure about your thoughts then  follow it !.
#live #learn #earn #followdreams 


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