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Its been a Month and I am still Not sure that "Whether I got the answer to this so called word DESIRE" ?
But in the process of finding a single act of Humans without a Desire all I got was quite healthy amount of things which human do for desire, Here is what I got :-
Ishani a good friend of mine, Quite a philosopher type and a believer of gods Existence visits to a nearby temple on weekly basis.
Every time she passes from the corner of the Temple,
she finds a beggar who has lost his legs, how he lost it is even a mystery to her so do with me.
So as per her schedule of visiting temple last week I joined her.While returning she put a coin in the "bank of chiller box "of that beggar and recited her gods name and we proceeded for home, in the midway I asked
her why she recited her gods name while giving that money to him,
She replied in a philosophical way as she always does , what she explained was :-
" See Ashish we do a lot of things knowingly or unknowingly which should not be done.We make
a lot of mistakes, many wrong acts so in order to compensate them I help someone who is in need.
I visit temple so that" Mere Paap Adjust ho Jaye"
and I was like "even a visit to temple have a hidden desire of human being".
 Helping other is just a desire to compensate your act.
I then left that place and the weekend was invested in searching for a Single ACT which is
and the result was a Big FAILURE ! so I slept with this unsolved mystery in my mind.
Well that was over, now its a "Working Day " Monday, with the pressure of work I entered the office to see those Lethargic faces all around as if they were forced to wake up and have to show there presence here! .
I moved to my Desk and to my shock I received a Mornings Greeting from a colleague who has never shown up in past two years !
"#that awkward moment is what all I tweeted" .
I knew he is here just for a reason and here it was" he wanted me to teach him how to reboot a Blackberry device" again a desirous act.
I approached almost a dozen people, but I am still unsatisfied with the replies I got and is still searching for it!
Lets end this from the beginning :-
I was Born with a Desire to Live
When I was 2, I use to wait for dad with a desire that he will take me with him for a ride,
When I turned 4, I use to wait for Guests so that I can have Chocolates .
Turning to teen attracted me to so many new Attractions of world and now every act of mine was increasing my Desire ! And is still growing with Time !
So the end is the beginning of many endless thought and with this I pen down to write again, maybe
with a solution this time. Do share your views ! it might help me solve this Complex Bundle of Queries.


  1. we dont need to find the answer to every question that pops up in our mind :)
    sometimes the essence lies in a question, untill its unanswered.

    D-E-S-I-R-E ~ Dont seek reasons behind this.....this word ll loose its magic :)

    1. Good to hear from you Miss "just another gal"
      i"ll try not to find out the answer and enjoy the process but
      i am habituated of digging things until it is resolved #itsaboutme !

  2. Replies
    1. I am Glad that you liked it Ankit

  3. This Thougt on Desire engulfed in me the Desire to know few things !! Will pop them out amidst those Lethargic Faces beside "Your Desk" ;-)

    *Desirable Thought Indeed*


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