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Cry Cry Cry And Die !

The very first thing a human does in this world is cry.
A baby is born crying and till the end of his/her life it goes on......
So, give your life a little pause and think..... Is it the way you want your life to be?
Is this what you actually needed?
Was this the desired return of your hard work?
Surprisingly, the answer of most of the people will be of-course a silent no,

Arz kiya hai............ tawazoo chahunga.........
Kyun apni jindagi gawa rahe ho?
Kyun apni jindagi gawa rahe ho?
Uljhano se toh fursat milti nahi........
Toh phir in uljhano me kyu jiye ja rahe ho?

Nice one nah ;) i know..... :P
I am becoming a poet day by day :D
Well, Monsoon was not as pleasant as i thought it would be. 
I failed..... :(
I got scolding for not doing my work on time,
Left the one i loved just for her better and the worst was i didn't got the tickets of Ek Tha Tiger first day first show contrary to which some of my friends saw it twice the 1st day itself........ :'(
I was very upset and lonely and as usual started becoming the Devdas, but what happened!
Few questions started hovering my mind............. LIKE.....
Can i b like that forever?
If YES then how long i can be detached from the crowd?
If YES may be for a week or a month, after that i have to be normal materialistic man in this mean world.
And finally some last set of questions......
Was it worth Crying?
Did crying make things right?
The answer is as usual a big big Noooo.

Life is not about being upset on issues that only make things go worst.
Life experience of mine gives says -
Accept the things as it comes your way and then see how it can fit in your life.
Life will give you billions of reasons to cry, just ignore them and find a single reason of being happy.

Cry cry itna cry karte kai ko hum.......
Itna darte kai ko hum.....
Pal-pal mart kai ko??????

When at last i have to live, then why to cry.

So, be happy and the best is to make happy around you.

A simple symbol like this :)  or a more beautiful one on your lips will make the environment positive and
happier. Also, it will help you and others to go ahead and higher!

Aaj ke liye kafi hai, fir likhenge..... 


  1. v. nyc DEVDAS......cry, cry & cry thn alwys smile, smile and nly smile........


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