Friday, November 11, 2011

~~ Go Went Gone ~~

Woh Kehte hai na jo hota hai aache ke liye hota hai...sahi kehte hai
Guys , the most disastrous thing is to keep ur self free....well it olways lead to horroifying results.. atleast it happens with me... a free mind Always think something weird!! Personal experience.. So, always remain engaged! not with a girl/boy but with yourself...with activities you love to do!! most of the times I have seen someone wasting the talent inside him/her...just because he has stuckd at a point from where...neither he turns back nor he proceeds!!
mere dost... life goes on and waits for non.... so why to stuck at the point which is like full stop... Remember a fullstop not olways means the ending of a story...most of the time it means a starting of a beutiful line.. So dont losse hope is the morral of the story...
Aaj kal is the fashion of girls becoming paro and boys devdas...
Just remember as i said earlier "you r beutiful" so move on,
 People say if its not your's let it go...
 just apply a simple funda of
"tum nahi toh koi aur sahi!!
 koi aur nahi toh koi aur sahi..

"Upcoming Blog next week "The Baccha Concept"

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  1. hahahaha nice one keep it up